Let Me Entertain You

Über die Kunst der Stille Wann war es bei Dir eigentlich das letzte Mal still? Nein, ich meine nicht, dass niemand geredet hat oder Du gerade allein im Haus warst. Auch wenn uns niemand direkt beschallt, sind wir trotzdem nie allein. Zumindest seltener. Der TV läuft und die grellen Bilder flackern im Sekundentakt über den […]

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Alice Lost In Space

I remember her words As they fell from her mouth „I want to be happy“ We moved to the south Far away from here. I reach for her hand As she reaches for his Shes breaking our band And it’s still him that she misses And not me. She made the move To play nice […]

Weiterlesen Alice Lost In Space

The most righteous woman

You made it seem real Breaking the seal of my soul With your teal-coloured eyes Mocked by specks of honey We’re wandering Like the lost people of another galaxy Blinding the bystanders with our Radiant pose It’s not right to surrender like this Terminating your independence For a moment For another Then turning to ice […]

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There Is Courage In Trying

I have a special talent for running. Away, that is. I have pondered on relationships and staying. This is it. There is no courage in leaving. That’s harsh criticism. Many people don’t decide to leave, they just have to. But what if you’re on the fence? How can you decide between two things that are […]

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